How could they not be happy ?

Well. I decided to send you today few words in English. As if English words are stronger than French one. I remember when i was young: I noticed that mom changed language when she was very happy, irritated, or upset.

Personally, today, I’m totally happy.

You know who I am. I wrote a lot of me here. I wrote a lot of who I am a lot of my dreams. I can say that I’m an unconventional young woman. Why? Because I love trying the not confirmed ways, I love questioning general views. I like understanding people, and i like understanding the in-depth things. Appearances are really not enough for me. Maybe that’s why social network give me acne.

Yesterday, we walked downtown with my young brother (a big fan of the American basketball’s championship) when we saw a player of the NBA.

Then we started talking about their dream life, and he told me that they can’t be unhappy because they are very rich.

He told me that the material considerations are not a problem for them; he also gave me the figures of the amounts of transfers, advertising contracts, and asked me how they could not be happy. I just smiled.

Lebron James.jpg
Lebron James

On the way, we made a stop at an ice cream store. There were a lot of people. All had eyes riveted towards the big screen. By imitation, we did the same thing.

We were watching the celebrations of the soccer word’s cup by the French players, and he told me: « Sana, look how they’re having fun! ».

closer mag photo -.jpg
French football players by Closermag

At his age, I had the same dreams of wealth and abundance.

And maybe a part of my unconscious kept these dreams alive. But, they are really and definitely not my reason to live, or to be.

Because down to the core of my being, i know that liberty and satisfaction don’t have price. Everything has a beginning, and an end. And all good things must come to an end.

The most important moment to live is the present time.

I tried to convince my brother not to think that money makes happiness, even if I know that he’s not so persuaded that money makes happiness. He is a just quite obsessed by what he sees on TV, and on networks.

Money is just tickets. Money is just amounts. Money can’t buy you everything. Money can’t buy you love. Regard. Respect. Satisfaction. Pride.

Money never brings back dead people, health, or youth.

Surely there are some people who are rich and happy. But I just want to say that the most prized possessions don’t bring you the peace of mind.

I look forward to reading your comments,


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8 réflexions sur “How could they not be happy ?

    1. C’est exactement cela ! Ça peut donner quelque chose comme : « hello, comment vas tu ? Well, tu sais j’ai beaucoup de trabajo en ce moment. Oh yes i understand. De toute façon, on s’appelle. Sí. Allez, see you soon »


  1. Hello Sana,

    I fully agree with you.
    Yes, money does not make happiness … Of course, He contributes to it. But his power stops there!

    Pour faire court et compléter mon propos, ci-joint ci dessous, le lien vers un site fort intéressant à lire…’argent-ne-fait-pas-le-bonheur/


  2. Bonjour,

    Est-ce que l’adage « l’argent ne fait pas le bonheur » ne serait pas un concept inventé par ceux qui en ont pour se déculpabiliser vis-à-vis de ceux qui en manquent ?

    Dans le fond, je suis entièrement d’accord, ce n’est pas l’argent qui permet d’accéder à ce qui rend heureux (love, regard, satisfaction, respect…). Mais sans argent ces considérations sont inaccessibles.
    C’est la théorie de la pyramide des besoins de Maslow : il faut d’abord assouvir ses besoins primaires (se nourrir, se vêtir, …) pour pouvoir réaliser ses besoins de développement personnel. Or, les besoins primaires nécessitent de l’argent !

    En tout cas le débat est passionnant !

    Je découvre ton blog et je pense que de nombreux articles vont m’intéresser.

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Coucou ! Ou est ce un adage plus apprécié de ceux qui n’en ont pas pour mieux accepter leurs conditions ? Quant à la pyramide de maslow, en effet, l’argent permet d’assouvir des besoins primaires matériels. Quant aux besoins d’épanouissement : l’argent ne les comble pas toujours. Achète t’on l’amour en achetant des relations ? Peut on acheter la santé ? Et la jeunesse ? Cette question de l’argent ouvre mille et une perspectives en effet ! Merci de m’avoir laissé ton ressenti. Belle soirée


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